Summer Gym at Pacifica

"You float, breathe, stretch, relax, breathe, and breathe again. On the water.
You are completely surrounded by the flow and ebb of tides and a fluid medium with the same salinity as the blood in your veins.

You are outside the world and completely part of it. It's magical."

Outdoor SUP Gym Programs

Something every night of the week!

  • SUP Yoga

  • Bootcamp

  • SUP clinic

  • Skills, Drills and Thrills

  • Paddling Socials

Pacifica is teaming up with Pam Martin of Blue Jellyfish SUP and Michele Shorter of The Shorter Approach to give YOU incredible fitness options outside!

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Early Bird Options

For the gym go-er in your life, we have a great gift option!

Do you like the gym, but put your membership on hold over the summer, so you can spend time outside? This is for you!

Buy before February 28th to receive the early bird special!

Buy before February 15th, and we'll  give you an extra pass for a social!

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